Our jewellery is designed to be worn and loved for years to come but, like most things in life, it sometimes needs a little TLC to keep it looking its best. So, don’t get your chains in a twist… Here’s the low-down on how to take care of your Plum treasures.


Put the Perfume Down

Taking care of your jewellery from the get-go is crucial. Exposure to soaps, sprays, and lotions can result in your pieces becoming tarnished. To avoid this, we suggest waiting a few minutes for any products to dry before accessorising for the day. Perfume can be especially damaging to your jewellery due to its essential oils and alcohol content, so make sure your fragrance is completely dry by leaving it for 10-15 minutes before adding any jewels. And don’t forget to remove your jewellery if you’re topping up any products throughout the day!

Remove On The Reg

We’re all about wearing your jewellery each and every day, but to keep it looking its best, make sure to remove it any time you wash, exercise or sanitise. While pearls at the pool may seem rather harmless, it’s probably a good idea to keep your jewellery away from any sort of physical activity.


Store it Like You Mean it

Storing your jewellery in a clean and dry place is ideal, such as in a jewellery box or a fabric-lined case. This keeps it safe from scratches, sprays and pesky tangles. Alternatively, the velvet pouch that all plum pieces come with is a great ‘in-between’ place for storage - especially when travelling. While it may seem a little over the top - for those wanting to keep their jewellery pristine for even longer, try to store the same metals together. Not only does it make your pieces easier to organise, but it’s just one more precaution to keep your jewellery from tarnishing.

Let’s Keep it Clean

It never hurts to give your jewellery a polish every few months. For your gold-plated pieces, simply stick to polishing them gently with a microfibre cloth. If you’re dealing with silver, you can also use some warm, soapy water - but make sure to let it dry before popping back in your jewellery box.


Need Help?

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